Supergreen Solutions: Seeing The Light With Solar Ac


#Think about your home. What is the single biggest consumer of power? What is the biggest part of your electricity bill? Since you read the title of this article, I am going to go out on a limb and guessed you said “my air conditioning”. #We often use air conditioning (AC) to avoid sweat, and we definitely pay for it. Many of my clients tell me their electricity bill multiplies two or three times in the summer when they run their AC. In addition to anecdotal evidence, we also have statistical data. According to the US Department of Energy, 45 per cent of an average home’s energy bill stems from air conditioning. It is one of the most power-hungry items in your home or business. Without it, you will sweat this summer. With it, you may still sweat over the electricity bill you will have to pay.
#We operate this way, but we do not have to. What if you could have the air conditioning, but not pay a fortune for it? You can. Here is the good news: Solar air conditioners are a reality.
#A solar air conditioner is exactly what it sounds like. It is a unit specifically designed to work with solar panels. They take the light from our simmering sun and produce the cool air we all want. While they are not ideal for every situation, solar air conditioners are a solution that deserves strong consideration.
#The first question most people ask is: “Will the solar air conditioner run at night?” Yes. Solar air conditioners are grid-tied, which means they are connected to city power. So when the sun does not shine, they will still run.
#How much do they cost to run? During the day, they operate above 35 SEER, which means they cost just 51 cents to run all day. That is a month of daytime air conditioning for about $15. Businesses that operate during the day, and residences with people at home in the day, are using solar air conditioners because of the huge savings.
#At night, the units operate at 21 SEER, which is still very high. That means they can run for none hours without sun at just $2.36. In fact, for homeowners, they let the AC run all day - when it is free - whether or not they are there. This means that when they get home in the evening, the living space, furniture and even the walls are already cool. As a result, they pay BPL even less to run the AC at night. Solar air conditioners can be installed in conjunction with other cooling solutions, such as solar attic vents, so you experience even more savings.
#I was speaking with a family who hosts a guest stay every year. When their guest runs air conditioning, their electricity bill goes up by $300. A solar air conditioner would make a big difference here. What about for you? Can you see your power bill starting to drop? Are you sweating a bit less?
#Summer used to mean sweat. But warrantied green solutions are saving people money and keeping them cool. Do you need a new air conditioner this summer? There is no need to settle for an old-style unit. Are you tired of high energy bills? With a solar air conditioner, you take a huge chunk off the biggest piece of your bill. This is one of many affordable solutions to make the greener and put green in your pocket.
#• NB: SUNNY TECH. CO LTD. SuperGreen Solutions is one of the premier advisors, suppliers energy efficient solutions.

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