solar energy air conditioner


"With the ability to be operated with naturally obtained energy, Solar Energy AC is the future, " said Mr Zhou, Head of State Environmental Protection Bureau.

SUNNY Solar ACs eliminate the need to consume electricity from the grid, allowing 100 per cent power savings and a lower carbon footprint in contrast to the energy guzzling conventional ACs. However, if the battery runs out of charge, it automatically shifts to regular electricity supply.
Also, the surplus energy generated via these solar ACs can be exported back to the grid to receive bonus payment as per the government regulations. The company also has plans to make its entire AC portfolio compatible with solar energy.
"Its solar panel comes with 25 years' of linear power output warranty and 10 years of panel warranty. The newly launched AC provides efficient cooling without any fluctuations with the least load on grid," said Eng. Li.
With the launch of this eco- friendly AC range,SUNNY  aims to capture 13 per cent% of the AC market in the world  by end of FY 2019 from the current 9 per cent, said Mr Li. The AC sector is expected to grow by 25 per cent to 5 million units in 2016/17.
The product is available in models:0.75ton Solar Air Conditioner , 1 ton Solar AC available and the 1.5 ton model and 2ton Solar air conditioning.
Both the models comply with BEE star ratings and possess 5 stars, making them a certified power saver, claims the company statement.  The AC comes with eco-friendly refrigerant and also has features such as digital display, auto restart, turbo cool mode and copper condenser.

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